Jungle Scout 2021 Review



Recently, I did a post with 5 tips to get started with your Amazon FBA business in 2021. Within that post, I mentioned a piece of software called Jungle Scout.

Today, I am going to do a deep dive Jungle Scout 2021 Review so that you can decide whether it’s worth your time using it for your Amazon FBA business.

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What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is an online software as well as a Chrome Extension. It was created by Greg Mercer in 2015 and it’s become very popular in the Amazon FBA space. Lots of people are using it.

It’s been designed to make it easier to do things like product research (deciding what products to sell) for your Amazon FBA business.

What I am going to do is go through a number of different features that Jungle Scout provides, and how they can benefit your business.

Product Database Feature

The Product Database feature is there for you to simply research what products you are going to sell on Amazon. To do this, you need to identify products that sell well and are in high demand, but also hopefully low competition.

Of course, there are lots of other factors as well.

You want to be able to see (at a glance) products that are fairly light weight.

You also want to see how competitive a specific niche is.

You want to see what the average number of reviews are for each product. This will give you an idea on whether a niche is worth going into or not.

With the Jungle Scout Product Database, you get to select your list of criteria.

First of all, you’ll select what product category you’re going into, whether it’s health and fitness, or cooking, or DIY. If you want, you can then select criteria such as a minimum selling price. Maybe you want to sell products that are a minimum selling price such as $15 for example.

You have other things that you can select such as a maximum weight. Maybe you want to select a maximum weight of 3 lbs for example. There are many other factors as well, such as minimum number of daily sales, monthly sales. You want products that are selling well and in demand.

On the competition front, you can see how many reviews the top listings have got, and what the average rating is for those reviews. If it’s on the low side, there is room for improvement with the product.

At a glance, you’re really getting a good look at a specific niche and can decide if it’s worth moving into this specific niche. 

Jungle Scout also gives it’s own quality score in terms of if an opportunity – whether it has high demand and hopefully low competition. 

The product database is very useful and is one of the main features of Jungle Scout.

Supplier Database

Jungle Scout 2021 ReviewI mentioned in the last post that if you’re going down the private label route, it’s important to find suppliers who will work on the particular product that you’re sourcing. Jungle Scout can help with this, with its supplier database.

This allows you to search by keyword, ASIN (product number) and even find suppliers that your competitors are using for their products. You can also select by country as well so you are finding suppliers in the country you are selling in.

This allows you to find the product that you’re interested in and find suppliers who are working on these products (who are able to manufacture it). You’re also going to get the contact details so you can reach out to them. It’s going to greatly reduce the time it takes to begin with a new supplier. It’s very useful.

Product Tracker

Once you have gone through the product database with Jungle Scout, and you’ve got a list of products you’re interested in, you can then add them to the product tracker to keep everything organized. 

I have to say that this is very useful. However, its probably still good to use other organizational methods as well, such as a google drive spreadsheet.

It is useful to have it all within the software, and to have a good workflow.

Chrome Extension

The features I have mentioned so far have related to the web app software for Jungle Scout, however there is also a chrome extension which is a big part of Jungle Scout.

Once you’ve installed the Chrome Extension, and you’re on Amazon, it means that the data is overlayed onto Amazon and you can instantly see products, sales numbers, reviews and more. These are good stats to have. You’re also seeing how competitive a specific niche is. It’s very helpful to see this all as you browse Amazon. 

Another useful thing is that you can see how long a product has been active, and a sales chart of the historical sales for that specific product. 

Are there any downsides to Jungle Scout?

I’ve gone through some of the main features of Jungle Scout and useful they can be. But are there any downsides to Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is obvious a very useful piece of software, however, like I mentioned in my recent post: 5 Tips to Get Started with an Amazon FBA business, it’s important to understand how to do this stuff manually as well.

The fact is that when you use a popular software like Jungle Scout, it can become saturated and you can be seeing the same opportunities that everyone else is seeing. It is important to be able to know how to do the things that Jungle Scout does.

But other than that, Jungle Scout is an excellent piece of software. I have noticed that it’s very accurate with it’s metrics and it can really save you a lot of time. It can keep everything organized and it can allow you to find some great opportunities.

The final conclusion is that I recommend using Jungle Scout. It’s one of the top Amazon FBA tools out there. It’s saved me lots of time, and it gives you a great workflow. It’s very easy to use. I definitely recommend using Jungle Scout if you are getting started or already running an Amazon FBA business.

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