Investments in Spain, and Why You Should Buy Now…

First of all let’s discuss why you would want to invest in spain, whats the pros, what’s the cons if any and then what properties are available to you and for what budget.

After the recovery of the financial 2008 crisis, Spain has recovered significantly and is one of the most popular countries for Eu investors. So why is this? Its because the buildings and land in Spain have become very very competitively priced. Since the recovery, in 2019 spain noted a 6% rise in property price, and in some of the hot spots as much as a 10% rise!

So where should I start looking? Obviously there are parameters such as weather, price, inland, by the coast, close to airports etc, that you need to consider. But the most popular cities at the moment appear to be Madrid, Barcelona, and the Valencian region. These areas benefit from amazing culture, and weather, with also a deep level of investment opportunities.

Depending on your budget you should be able to find something to suit you in all those above mentioned areas. Obviously there is still some tension in the Barcelona regions but as that has quietened down, we have noticed that property investment is flourishing.

Even within the Costa Blanca, with the uncertainty of Brexit and covid, you would have thought that the property market has slowed somewhat. Well you would be wrong! The area is seeing a huge increase of Spanish investors from Mardid and Barcelona, wanting to have the perfect holiday home by the coast if travel restrictions still apply.

In addition to the above information, in a recent poll out of 22 countries, Spain came second for popularity and ease of the process when considering investing in Spain. The main factors that were discussed were competitive house prices, and cost of living.

The cost of living is an interesting topic in Spain but firstly this does depend on which areas you are coming from, and then which areas in Spain you choose to live. With the obvious reasons, living in land in the quality countryside you can expect the daily shopping bill to be very low. Conversely if you live in the hustle and bustle of the city centers or even on the coast where most of the tourism is you can of course expect to pay premium prices.

But that comes with the addition of premium products. Cocktails on the beach sounds good to me. Our advice when looking of Investments in Spain would be to consider your lifestyle, or the one you want to live. like we mentioned above, there are some great opportunities to invest in certain areas of spain, and something we all must consider is also the quality of life you have living where the sun is shining 300+ days a year. The benefits to your health and mood I imagine are also of great importance when deciding on whether investing in Spain is for you or not.

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