IFinancer Lifetime Plan


Please note: this is an online service, so no program needs to be installed (the download archive includes only readme file). The registration process is described in the readme file!

iFinancer offers a little help to manage your finances effortlessly in one place with a personal budget planner. It’s exactly what you need to make sure you’re staying on track by tracking all your expenses. From income and expense tracking, budgeting, sending you alerts when you’re about to exceed your budget, to an easy user interface, IFinancer is your personal finance manager that gives you a clear report of where all your money is as well as tools for budgeting to help you save.

Keep track of your incomes, sort them in groups & capture which the income went to.
Track each of your expenses & calculate the balance.
Set a limit or expected monthly spend, expected monthly earnings & expected monthly saving.
Choose a currency depending on your location.
Get alerts when you are close to exceeding your budget.

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