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Cartflows is a sales funnel builder for WordPress that will help you generate more leads and make you more money since its launch November 2018 it has had explosive growth and today it’s the most widely used sales funnel building tool not just for
WordPress but for the entire internet.
It can be used in many different ways how you use it is up to you.
It all starts with a step-by-step onboarding process now you’re ready to create your first flow.
You can either start with a blank canvas or use one of the done for you templates we provide templates for the most popular page builders such as beaver builder divi elementor or the WordPress block builder better known as Gutenberg.
Don’t worry if your builder was not in that list because you can just as easily use card flows with any page builder with your own designs.
There are five different step types
lead generation and opt-in steps, checkout steps, thank you page steps and for cart flows pro users there are also one click upsells and down sell steps creating a new product to sell and add to your checkout
It is very simple just go into your checkout step then click on create product give your product a name and then enter a price.
When you’re done creating your new sales funnel you can configure your payment gateway.
For Cartflows pro users that want to offer one-click upsells we currently support a variety of payment gateways including
PayPal stripe mali mali ideal bacs and cod and we’re constantly adding new payment gateways so check our website for the most up-to-date list.
Now with everything configured you’re going to want to test your funnel and then make it go live. Now for people that want to take their funnel building even further we have cart flows pro which enables you to extend card flows.
It enables you to add additional checkout layouts including two-step checkouts add fancy product grids to your checkout pages.
You can rearrange hide or even create new fields.
You can add one-click order bumps that would appear on your checkout page. After checkouts you can offer one-click upsells and down cells.
To help you conversion optimize your funnels we have ab split testing you’ll gain access to our pro template library and detailed analytics.
There are 100 000 users who can’t all be wrong.

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