Data Recovery Wizard by EaseUS

Data Recovery Wizard by EaseUS

Having saved your important work and files on your computer, the last thing you would want to happen to your data is data loss. If this happens, you lose access to your files and your files, in some cases, are gone forever. Simply thinning about this makes many people shiver, especially the ones who store their business or trade files on their computers.

If you have been the victim of a data loss case, you might be looking for ways to recover your files. This is where a tool like Data Recovery Wizard can help you out. If you have never heard of this tool, and you are looking to get your lost files back, this guide should give you more information about this tool to recover your files.

What is Data Recovery Wizard?

Data Recovery Wizard by EaseUS is actually a software tool that allows you to recover deleted or lost data on your computer. As the software name implies, the free data recovery software is based on a wizard approach where you work step by step to find and recover lost files on your computer. Unlike many other data recovery solutions, this is an all-in-one tool that helps recover dozens of file formats on your machine.

This means, whether you have lost an important office document, or you have lost a precious photo of your childhood that was saved on your computer, you can recover all those file types within a few clicks using this program. As if that is not enough, you can recover data even from the partitions that have been formatted. The program lets you recover files even when the scan is running. This makes it quicker for you to get your lost files back and not have to wait for the scan to finish.

Data Recovery Wizard – Test Results

There are many programs that claim to have a high success rate when it comes to recovering files. However, many of those programs fail when they are put into practice. To confirm whether EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard stands true to its promises, we put the software into practice to see how fast and effectively it can restore lost files on our computers.

We used the free recovery software to check one of the partitions on our computer to find and restore a deleted Word document file. The partition was 200GB in size. To our surprise, the software was able to scan the whole partition and find recoverable content in a matter of minutes.

We were then presented with a screen listing all the files that we could restore on our computer. There was a filter at the top allowing us to filter our files by types so that we could quickly get to the files that we wanted to recover. All in all, this software did extremely well.

Data Recovery Wizard – Free vs. Pro

If you have visited the Data Recovery Wizard’s website, you have probably noticed that the software actually comes in two versions. The first one is a free version and the other one is a paid one. You might probably question what version you would need to go for to recover your files, and what the difference between the free and paid version is. We clarify that for you here.

In the free version, you get to recover up to 2GB of your lost data. You can preview your files before recovering them to ensure you can recover what you are exactly looking for. The free version also lets you recover data from hidden and lost partitions.

In the pro version, you can recover an unlimited amount of data on your computer. You get to preview your data before recovering, recover files from hidden and lost partitions, and even get remote tech assistance from the experienced EaseUS team.

Features Free Version Pro Version
Data Recovery Size 2GB Unlimited
File Preview Yes Yes
Data Recovery from Hidden and Lost Partitions Yes Yes
Free Tech Support No Yes


If you are a home user, an important factor while considering a data recovery tool is the price of the tool. If all that you are looking to recover are just a few personal files, the price factor plays an important role. However, if you are on the commercial side, the efficiency of the tool matters more than its price.

Luckily, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard ticks the box for both personal and professional users. The tool is rightly priced at $69.95/month which gives you an unlimited amount and number of data recovery attempts on your computer. This is the only price you need to pay to use nearly all the features of the program.

The free version should be useful for many users which allows you to recover data of up to 2GB in size. However, if your data exceeds this limit, the pro version is your only choice. In case your computer has crashed, then you need to go for the pro plus bootable version that costs $99.90/month.

Scorecard (Pros and Cons)

If you have not been able to make a decision whether to proceed with this tool or not, it might be helpful to you to quickly learn some of the pros and cons of this program. This will allow you to easily find out what this software is capable of doing and what it cannot do. If what you want to do falls in the pros section, then you are good to go.


  • You can recover an unlimited amount of data. This means, even if you have lost 100GB+ data on your computer, you can still recover it.
  • To avoid incorrect file recovery, you can preview your files before you save them back to your computer. This is especially helpful when you are recovering photos.
  • Your data can be recovered from the partitions that are not visible on your computer. This hidden recovery helps find missing files on your machine.


  • You might find the cost to be a bit on the higher side.

The Bottom Line

If you care about your data, then it is a good idea to invest your money in a tool like Data Recovery Wizard by EaseUS. The program does not disappoint and allows you to recover as many lost files on your computer as possible.

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