AI-Powered Fact Checkers – LOGICALLY Combines AI Technology with Human Fact-Checking Experts

Fact Check

LOGICALLY Intelligence combines AI-powered fact-checking software with human fact-checking experts to uncovers, track, archive, and debunk conspiracy theories. Currently, the brand boasts both mobile apps and web browser extensions that help users navigate misinformation, as well as provides courses of action to take against it.

LOGICALLY Intelligence analyzes content surrounding a “topic” – such as anti-vaxxers, coronavirus conspiracy theories – in order to provide “insight into which demographics or communities are being targeted and reached by coordinated narratives and campaigns.”

According to the CEO of LOGICALLY Intelligence, Lyric Jain, “as the dissemination of misinformation becomes more complex and dynamic, the methods that governments across the world use to tackle it requires a sophisticated response.” Through this dedicated effort, the software hopes to flag issues before they become widespread.

Image Credit: LOGICALLY Intelligence

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