8 Ways To Stay In Touch With Your Visitors

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The more we interact with our visitors the more they will keep coming back. It is no coincidence that WordPress goes out of its way to help us to do exactly that by providing a wide range of FREE software that we can easily add to our websites to provide lots of ways to make and retain contact with website visitors.

Here is a selection of eight of these lovely WordPress plugins some of which you make already know and some you may not but all are excellent at delivering just what we need.

Tidio Live Chat
“Allows you to chat with and convert your customers easily, also with the help of chatbots and
email marketing. It is designed specifically for the WordPress community. Once you install the
WordPress live chat plugin, you will be ready to take full advantage of the benefits our service
provides. A free plan is available!”

Simply Schedule Appointments 

“An easy-to-use, flexible, and beautiful plugin for accepting
appointments online through your website. No more phone calls or back-and-forth emails
trying to find a time that works. Simply Schedule Appointments is quick and simple to set up for
you, and easy and fast for your customers and clients to book appointments. Get set up to take
your first appointment in less than 5 minutes!”


“You can send browser push notifications to your site visitors across all browsers.
Your visitors receive these notifications even when they are not on your site. It only takes a few
minutes to install. Both HTTP & HTTPS WordPress sites are supported.”

Joy of Text Lite

“The Joy of Text (or JOT) plugin provides a great way of connecting with your
customers, blog subscribers or club members. This plugin allows you to send both SMS and
text-to-voice messages to a group or to individuals. To use this plugin you will need: A Twilio
account. If you don’t have a Twilio account, you can sign up for a free trial account. A Twilio
phone number – either one you’ve purchased or your Twilio free trial number. Your unique


“Get More Website Traffic, Email Subscribers, and Social Followers
“Our goal is to help you grow your email list, website traffic, and social media followers with
viral giveaways & contests. Here’s how it works: RafflePress helps you capture visitor’s
attention with attractive giveaways … and what happens next is AMAZING. Website visitors
enter the giveaway with their email address which helps you grow your email list. Visitors are
incentivized to share the giveaway to earn more entries which helps you boost engagement.
This word of mouth advertising helps you get more traffic, FASTER which basically leads to more
sales and revenue. Simply put, RafflePress helps you unlock viral growth by turning your
website visitors into brand ambassadors.”

WordPress Call Button 

“Allows you to add a beautiful call now (click-to-call) button on your
website with just a few clicks, no coding skills needed.”

Poll Maker 

“Gives you an opportunity to make 4 types polls.”

Video Gallery

YouTube Playlist, Channel Gallery by YotuWordPress – “The longer you keep
vistors on website, the better. Video was a game-changer for us personally in regards to
keeping people on the site longer. YotuWordPress is your solution for embedding YouTube
Let’s talk about it at Pheeds.com…Your friendly marketing forum.
videos on your website. YotuWordPress is modern and mobile responsive video gallery. Easy
embed videos from YouTube video playlist, channel and videos IDs to your WordPress website.”

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