4 Powerful Email Marketing Tips for 2021

4 Powerful Email Marketing Tips for 2021

4 Powerful Email Marketing Tips for 2021I recently did a post here about how to build an email list in 2021.

Email marketing is very powerful with building your business.

It’s a great communication channel.

But it’s also continuing to become more difficult.

It’s very noisy out there and people are getting more emails than ever.

I want to give you 4 powerful email marketing tips today so that you can maximize your email marketing efforts, getting good open rates and engagement from your subscribers.

Tip 1: Decide on Frequency of Sending Emails

Quite early on, you need to decide what is appropriate for your market.

Are you going to email them once a week, once a month, or daily?

This really varies on your niche, and it’s also something you can test over time.

You can see how people respond to your emails, and change what you are doing from the data.

Once you have your schedule in mind for email frequency, that allows you to plan the types of content you’re going to send your subscribers.

It’s important to think about this early on.


Tip 2: Use Effective Subject Lines

Your chances of getting your subscribers to open and click on emails comes down to a good subject line.

That’s what captures people’s attention when they are getting so many emails in their inbox.

Having a good subject line is essential.

Here are some ideas for crafting effective subject lines:

  • Lists – People really love lists andcan see them as valuable content. If they are looking through their email inbox and see what looks like a valuable list, this will likely appeal to them. For example, “8 Tips For Building Your Business”. Someone who sees this in their email inbox as a subject line could see it as valuable content. Valuable content can get opens and clicks.
  • Announcements – This is really great for getting people’s attention in terms of something that is happening. For example, if a subject line has something like “Announcement: webinar on Tuesday,” this does tend to get people’s attention from the testing.
    You could try having Announcement as the first word in your testing and it could possibly get people to open your emails. It is an attention grabber!
  • Video – If you include the word video in an email subject line, this instantly tells people what to expect with the email. If you include the subject line “Video Tips for Building Your Business” it can get straight to the point and get to the point in telling people what you have, so I would encourage you to test this one as well. 

These are just a few tips to get you started, feel free to experiment and use what works for your niche.

Tip 3: Clean and Maintain your List Regularly

4 Powerful Email Marketing Tips for 2021The point is, over time people will enter and exit your email list. It might be at the beginning that they open your emails for a while, but some people are always going to drop-off. That is natural.

There will always be some churn.

On a regular basis, you should go through your email marketing software and segment the people who have dropped off over time.

You should have a strategy for what to do with these subscribers who are not engaging.

It could be that you delete them, if that’s the right thing to do.

Another strategy is that you might need to try some sort of win-back campaign to re-engage these subscribers with some new content to see if they’ll be open to receiving emails from you again.

The most important thing is to clean and maintain the list, even if you’re not sure what to do with the segment right away.

A lot of email marketing providers charge you based on how many subscribers you have. If you have lots of email subscribers that aren’t engaging, they are costing you money by being on there.

Make sure you clean out these dead leads, and keep it efficient going forward.

Tip 4: Look at your Stats over time and tweak things

As you are emailing each week, keep a careful watch over your open rates and click through rates.

Doing this, you can see in real time how people are responding to your emails.

This will help you decide on what subject lines to use going forward and what kind of subject lines appeal to people.

It’s important to keep looking at the data.

It might be that you see from the stats that emailing people quite a few times a week isn’t working. This could be too much for people. But at least by looking at the data, you can see how people are responding.

You can also see how people are responding to your specific emails. Maybe they respond better to emails that have images in it, instead of just text. Again, this is something you can see from the data.

Email marketing is a powerful way to run your business.

It allows you to keep in regular contact with your list and it’s a valuable long term asset.

But it’s also becoming more challenging all the time because people are receiving so many emails these days, as well as all the spam emails.

You have to be clever in terms of engaging with your subscribers and giving them lots of value. 

Most importantly, you have to stand out from the crowd. Everyone is doing email marketing, so your emails need to look different, and they need to show some unique value to your subscribers.

Finally, some of the tips mentioned above can all be done with a service like Aweber, an email marketing service I have used for many years, and that’s something I recommend. With Aweber, you can look at the data, segment your lists, to tweak your emails, and make them the most effective they can be. 

Those are all the tips for email marketing in 2021! Follow those tips to improve your email marketing. 

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